Represent Your Life in a Celtic Tattoo

Understanding Celtic Symbols was born from the comment of a Polynesian friend of mine to whom I was explaining why I loved Polynesian tattoo and it’s hidden meanings. He replied: « Why do you Pakeha (Westerners) love getting Polynesian tattoos so much? You should dig your own roots and get a tattoo from your own culture! ». What could I say? It was perfect common sense.

After some researching, I realized my roots were Celtic. If your distant ancestors were Europeans, chances are your roots are Celtic too, as the Celtic territory was covering twenty of nowadays European countries.

Understanding Celtic Symbols strives to shed some light on 94 symbols of the Celtic culture. I hope you'll find it useful and helpful in your quest for the perfect Celtic tattoo as you choose the symbols that most speak to you and can relate to in your personal life and experiences.

-- Philippe Meunier


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